What doctors, physical therapists and customers are saying about our Hand Cast Covers

Totally love this product! I am an active sportsman, changing sports with the seasons, from softball, golf, tennis to basketball, hockey, hiking and cross country skiing. When I took a crosscheck into the boards, on night at the rink, my hand shattered. After a few well-placed pins I was cast and sent off to watch the rest of the winter from my chair. But then I discovered the Nordic Side Entry Caster, which allowed me to be outside and enjoy the winter months with temps in the single digits without my hand and fingers being affected by the cold winter weather. I felt involved and able to participate at the same time keeping my cast protected. Now I am outside again enjoying winter activities.


~Brad Munerski

What a great concept! I am a downhill ski coach, and travel throughout the northern states during the worst weather months. When I broke my hand I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to miss ski season. I couldn’t find a glove or mitten large enough to protect my fingers from the cold. I tried everything, but still nothing worked, until I heard about the Nordic Side Entry Caster. The Nordic Caster allowed me to be outside and to do my job. My cast stayed clean, but most of all, my fingers stayed warm and dry while keeping me on the road to recovery.


~Julie Brown

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am not a cold weather fan, but as a member of corporate America I am in the elements each day on my way to the courthouse. When I broke my wrist I wanted to protect my cast and avoid the attention that a cast can cause.  After contemplating what to do, a friend of mine bought me the Discrete Side Entry Cast. It covered my cast perfectly and keeps my fingers warm and with the different colors it allows me to match my clothing. I am excited to get my cast off, but until then, I am happy that I have found the Discrete Side Entry Cast.


~Margaret Williams, Lawyer

I work for a small school district and wear many hats to help save the school money. When I broke three fingers on my left hand I thought I would have to call in a long term sub for the playground supervisor position. I was not going to be able to stand outside for an hours supervising children in sub-freezing temps with exposed fingers.  After multiple homemade attempts of protecting my cast from germs and the cold temps my co-workers bought me the Nordic Entry Caster. What a difference! My fingers are never cold and I am able to do my job. The caster is easy to put on and keeps my fingers and hand toasty warm. Thanks to the Nordic Entry Caster I don’t have to miss work and I can spend my days watching these little angels play on the playground.


~Mrs. Higley, playground supervisor