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Why do I need a Nordic Hand Cast Cover?

If you plan to be outdoors in cold temperatures, the Nordic HCC will fit over your hand cast, no matter how large.  When other gloves &, mittens won’t fit, the Nordic HCC has you covered!

It’s a double layer of felted wool, so it’s very warm. And it’s stretchy, so it will fit comfortably over your cast.

Putting it on is simple and painless–there’s no pushing or pulling over your cast, because of the slick side entry.

Why do I need a Discrete Hand Cast Cover?

The Discrete HCC is the best way to minimize the unsightly look of a large hand cast.

If you are someone who is in the public eye on a regular basis, you may want to consider a subtle and lightweight Discrete HCC, to blend with your work attire.

This is particularly appropriate if you are participating in meetings or presentations, or if you have a formal event to attend, such as a wedding.

The Discrete HCC is also an excellent cover for keeping the cast clean and germ free.

The Discrete HCC can be made to order with custom color fabrics, in just a few days.

How long will it take to make my Hand Cast cover?

There are many Nordic HCC’s readily available for immediate delivery.  If you require a special color or size, it may take a few days for creation of your custom HCC.

The Discrete HCC is strictly custom and made to order depending on color/style fabric choice.

These typically take 2-4 days to produce, prior to shipping.

What size should I get?

We suggest you order based on your regular glove size.  We have taken into consideration the significant size of the hand cast, in addition to the regular size of your hand.  However, if you order a Hand Cast Cover and it fits too small or too large, you can send it back and we will replace it with a different size.

What about Shipping costs, and how long will it take?

Standard Shipping is $7 for each HCC. You can expect to receive your HCC via U.S. mail in about 3-5 days.

For overnight or expedited delivery, shipping is $20.

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